Thursday, 1 March 2012

Karl Falk Watches

Watch of the Week
Karl Falk Einzeiger Single Hand Watches
Unique Single Hand Watches for those that like to stand out from the crowd.

Karl Falk Watches were born out of a passion for watchmaking. Inspired by the evolution of the first pocket watches crafted in 1524, Karl Falk Watches brings you the Einzeiger, a classic design example, featuring a single hand as symbolised by early timepieces. Each line on the dial is representative of a 5 minute interval. Every 15 minutes is marked by a more prominent line.

MADE IN GERMANY All Karl Falk watches come with a 2 year international guarantee.All watches have sapphire glass faces and include an additional stainless steel bracelet and tool kit to enable you to change straps and shorten the bracelet easily.

Our Thoughts - The Karl Falk watches are interesting and unique watches. Slightly more chunky and robust-feeling than other single-hand watches available, they are perfect for every day wear or as a statement piece. Powered by high-quality ETA and UNITAS swiss movements and made in Germany, these are quality watches that will keep good time and be reliable timepieces for years to come. This is a watch that you will enjoy wearing.

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